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We're Back...Gaming continues at Game oN

First and foremost, I want to thank our HEAVENLY FATHER for blessing us to reopen Game oN after a 13 month hiatus due to COVID-19. Now, the test begins...that is getting our customers back to coming to Game oN to help us stay in business. With the city getting back to some type of normalcy, it's a refreshing feeling to see stores reopening at full capacity. Game oN has all the latest games including the new Oculus Quest 2.

So, come out and get your video Game oN and patronize one of the coolest places to play with other great gamers in the mid-south. We currently have over 4,000 games and over 125 VR games on hand. Most of our customers knew that before COVID-19 we at Game oN always cleaned and sanitized all our equipment, including controllers, mice, keyboards, etc. We are known as the cleanest video game facilities in the Memphis and Mid-South area.

If you would like to schedule group rates, birthday parties just give us a call at 901.249.6238.

To all our customers who have been coming in since May 2021, I truly thank you and look forward of serving you all again.

Check out FreeZe playing virtual football, baseball and basketball in the HTC Vive Pro VR headset. It's the real deal.

Look at all the satisfied gamers, whether young or old, boy or girl, we got game for ya...always.

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