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Gaming halted at Game oN

Since March 21, 2020, Game oN has been grounded by COVID19, meaning, we have been closed for over 8 months and counting. Despite our current situation, we do plan on reopening when Shelby County reaches Phase III, but until then, here are some pics to enjoy.

WoW!!! Game oN closed since March 2020.

Please pray that we can get funding to reopen in 2021.

Total concentration from some serious gamers.

Game oN Dream Team: (Carlos, Yusuf, Kevin and Tim)

Game oN always finds a way to give back to the community.

Co-Op Virtual Game Play on the HTC Vive.

FreeZe showing off his VR skills while playing SuperHot.

One of Game oN's most loyal and best customers...Treyce.

Honestly, he is one of the smartest gamers I know.

Ryker and his birthday crew displaying the silly face pose.

Where is our home team superstar Ja Morant when we need him?

Super Smash Tournaments was becoming quite popular at Game oN before Covid shut it all down.

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