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'We Got Game' program

Game oN, LLC. will be introducing an after-school program (this year at our Southland Mall location) where the students do their studying and homework assignments for one hour (we call this time: Power Hour) and if they complete their assignments correctly, then we will allow one hour of game time on us. This will motivate the kids to study and complete homework assignments by making learning fun again. If the student has more than two (2) incorrect answers then 20 minutes will be added to their study/homework session, this will ensure that they take their time and do the best they can do before handing in their work to be looked over.

The 'We Got Game' program will also allow those that are not as fortunate as others (financially) to experience the ultimate video gaming experience through funds donated/raised by our local and distance contributors.

Often a family comes to our establishment with 3 or more siblings and couldn't afford the $10.00 an hour fee due to financial concerns. We want Game oN to be a place where no one who is not financially able (which we will determine), will be turned away from enjoying our new and exciting business. More details about this coming soon.

* Look for more ideas and pictures to be added to this page in the next coming weeks. Any questions you may have please feel free to contact us at 901.249.6238 or contact me directly at 901.383.0351 ask for Charles Story, Jr.

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