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What is Game oN?

Game oN is an NGC - Network Gaming Center, Charles Story, Jr. is the brainchild of the midsouth newest and latest gaming entertainmet. Along with business partners Stanley Jackson, Sharon Willis and Valerie and Robert Kirby, we specialize in giving gamers the ultimate video gaming experience. Looking to show off your gaming skills? Want to play the latest new release video games? Or maybe you want to just hang out with other elite gamers from the midsouth area, this is the place to be. With a huge selection of games, consoles and pc's, customers get hours of excitement and fun. Everyday we are trying to implement new ideas into our facility so that your experience will take on a higher level each time. Parents already feel comfortable about dropping their kids off for a few hours (ages 7 and up) while they either go to the movies, shopping or just having some 'me-time' away. Adult gamers enjoy our late night gaming community which the action is truly intensed.

Our Mission:

Game oN mission is to provide the community with a social, educational and entertaining atmosphere suited for worldwide communication and online video gaming. In short, our mission is to educate through gaming.

Our Goal:

One of our main goals is to assist parents and schools by instilling the importance of conduct and education. Our facility presents an avenue to learn and have fun.

There are multiple opportunities for our youth and young adults in relation to the video gaming world. Video Gaming is a multi-billion dollar industry, and colleges and universities are starting to not only recognize this, but they are offering scholarhsips. Yes, scholarships are now being offered to students for playing video games. Robert Morris University has awarded e-sports scholarships to applicants who qualify. Click on this link to learn more:

Our Facility:

Game oN offers a family friendly and safe environment for children and adult video gamers. Parents can leave their children to play that are 7 years and older (younger gamers must be accompanied by a supervising adult). We offer a place for birthday parties, Lan parties, and tournaments. We will soon offer throw back Thursday with Family Night and old school video games like monopoly, pong, tetris, and family feud just to mention a few. This will be a way of bringing families together and provide a different type of social outing.


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